3 All-weather arenas

27 March 2016 Published in Facility

(70x140ft has lighting, 100x200ft, 110x180ft)

Arenas are the mainstay of ground work for most horses and with 3 different styles here at the Park, you will not be disappointed. The 70ftx140ft arena is directly adjacent to the main stable and offers a fenced border and is lighted. This is perfect for young horses or off-lead instruction where containment is desirable. The 100ftx200ft arena has no borders and close to the main Stable. It is perfect for spacious jumping, large dressage tests or any flat work that tests your horse to track straight without the aid of a rail. And finally our 110ftx180ft arena is plenty far enough away to avoid all distractions at the main Stable while being fenced. Directly adjacent to this arena are trails, large fields and XC obstacles. All of our arenas are professionally groomed and offer solid footing no matter what the weather might be.

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