RIDERS - Membership Options

All Rider Memberships include:

  • a private gate code, so that you can come use the park 365 days a year
  • Each Membership is assigned to the rider, no matter how many horses they own. 
  • Complimentary Water & Gatorade
  • The ability to bring unmounted guests for no fee (please have them sign the release when they arrive and drop it with negative coggins in the box)
  • The ability to bring additional horses and riders (day use fees may apply)



    Riding Club Membership

    Instructor / Barn Owner Membership

    One Mounted Rider

    $120 Annually OR
    $30 Monthly
    +$10 each concurrent month with AUTOPAY

    $99 Yearly - Bring Guests anytime




    Students get 50% discount on all day passes when with instructor

    Day Pass




Basic Membership - Monthly Subscription

This program will bill you $30 for the FIRST month, then only $10 each additional month.
You can cancel anytime (The cost to restart your membership is $30 for the first month)


  • All of the membership benefits PLUS
  • You can bring unmounted guests for no fee and mounted guests at the regular day fees
  • Early registration for all Park Events (you will be emailed first before the event is posted publicly)
Setup Fee: $20.00
Duration: 1 month
Price: $10.00

Support the Park, the Equestrian Community and the Heritage of Horsemanship with this Membership!

Here are the key benefits of joining our Riding Club:

1 - PRIVATE PARK ACCESS! You get your own code so that you can come use the Park 365 days a year
          - Bring your horse and ride anytime
          - You can use the facility for family functions

Duration: 1 year
Price: $120.00