RIDERS - Membership Options

All Rider Memberships include:

  • a private gate code, so that you can come use the park 365 days a year
  • Each Membership is assigned to the rider, no matter how many horses they own. 
  • Complimentary Water & Gatorade
  • The ability to bring unmounted guests for no fee (please have them sign the release when they arrive and drop it with negative coggins in the box)
  • The ability to bring additional horses and riders (day use fees may apply)



    Riding Club Membership

    Instructor / Barn Owner Membership

    One Mounted Rider

    $120 Annually OR
    $30 Monthly
    +$10 each concurrent month with AUTOPAY

    $99 Yearly - Bring Guests anytime




    Students get 50% discount on all day passes when with instructor

    Day Pass




Support the Park, the Equestrian Community and the Heritage of Horsemanship with this Membership!

Here are the key benefits of joining our Riding Club:

1 - PRIVATE PARK ACCESS! You get your own code so that you can come use the Park 365 days a year
          - Bring your horse and ride anytime
          - You can use the facility for family functions

Duration: 1 year
Price: $120.00